Monday, October 19, 2009

Wowd search engine launching this week on Oct 20!

Wowd is launching this week on Oct 20! Exclusively for our fans, here is an invitation token that will give you early access to Wowd. You can use this token for yourself and you can share it with your friends!
Invitation Token:

Our company blog is at Posts there generally cover product and company updates, plus thoughts on the state of web search and discovery. Boris Agapiev also posts on topics related to search, scalability, peer-to-peer technology, etc., at his personal blog:
Wowd uses Twitter mostly to announce up-coming product features, company events, and so on. So if you're interested in what's coming next, just follow Wowd. You can follow Wowd on Twitter at
Wowd has a Facebook page where you can become a fan of Wowd and keep track of the latest developments in the product, find out about conferences and other public appearances, and other Wowd news. You can also interact with other members of the Wowd community.
You can sign up to receive Wowd updates via email. Your email address will never be sold, and will never be used for any purpose other than providing you with updates about Wowd (the company and the product). You can also unsubscribe from the list at any time.

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